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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

OCAU Down again


Seems Agg is having difficulty again over at www.overclockers.com.au

Poor bugger! SQL server has apparently run out of memory. Just when I had a lull in workload and decided to peruse the VM forum

Monday, September 1, 2008

VMWare ESX Host Mac Addresses

Stumbled across this handy tool today.

The tool was originally developed because of the way we manage IP addresses of our servers – every server (physical and virtual) is configured for DHCP and has a fixed reservation for its MAC address. So we require MAC addresses on our VMs that won’t change. I wrote this little app to make it easier and faster to do this, instead of having to SSH into the host and edit .vmx files by hand, and hope that VirtualCenter doesn’t want to overwrite your changes. Since then it’s been easier for me to add extra little features than write separate apps for everything – so now it also has a basic reporting feature.

Came in very handy as I had a number of vm's with the same MAC address somehow :O

Anyway I was able to statically set the MACs  on running machines even though VI client had disallowed it via its interface!

Good stuff fellas


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