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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Worlds Oldest Blogger dies at 108 in Woy Woy NSW Australia

Olive Rilley, described as the world's oldest internet blogger has died at the age of 108. Olive Riley died this Saturday in a nursing home in Woy Woy, Australia. Olive Riley was born in the town of Broken Hill on 20 October 1899.

Read more here:

Thought I would post this as Woy Woy is my home town and I was totally oblivious to this!


EDIT: Thanks Eric for pointing out the misspelt surname and the link below to your site. Excellent collection of Olive's posts can be viewed on Eric's site here -  http://www.mikerubbo.com/olive_blog_pages.php


filmtub said...

Nice post! Check out my blog! http://filmtub.blogspot.com


Hi Matt. I'm pleased that you recall memories of my late friend Olive Riley. She died more than a year ago, but you can read her delightful blog at http://www.mikerubbo.com/olive_blog_pages.php
Unfortunately her surname is misspelt.


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