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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Netspace DNS Down

Australian ISP Netspace has hit trouble again today with its core DNS servers down for the majority of the day and a resolution still not in sight. Many people have expressed their anger on Australia's leading Broadband forum, Whirlpool.net.au. More than 350 posts have been made in the thread here this afternoon after many have resorted to using other public DNS servers such as Google's and OpenDNS.

This fault comes just days after many customers in Tasmania were left without connections for days on end.

For a list of Australian DNS servers check out Sam Kendall's blog at http://blog.samkendall.net/2010/03/18/australian-isp-dns-servers/

EDIT: As Allen Wayne, has commented below, Netspace's DNS have indeed come back online.

Google Chrome not rendering CSS in AdWords and AdSense

Ran into a strange error today...
Chrome failed to render css on Google's very own sites, in particular AdWords and AdSense. Found the following Google discussion here discussing the very issue. I have replicated the issue on both Google's Chrome browser for Windows 7 and  Linux. Other browsers such as Firefox, Opera, and Safari appear to render the pages correctly.

It seems some of the CSS files are loaded and parsed but never applied to the current window. To date no solution has been found. It is not known if this affects other sites but upon a quick search it appears it may be.

Scrollable HTML table plugin for jQuery

This jQuery/javascript library can be used to convert tables in ordinary HTML into scrollable ones. No additional coding is necessary. All you need to do is put header rows (if you need them) in THEAD section, table body rows in TBODY section, footer rows (if you need them) in TFOOT section.

Check it out here

EDIT: Ive managed to get this working in Firefox and IE thus far but Chrome doesn't render the scoll bars correctly. I will post an update to this with the working code as soon as possible. - Matt

80 port USB hub launched

Just announced is an 80 port USB Hub which can power up to 80 separate devices at once. It costs US$165 but unfortunately it doesn't allow USB data transfers so is limited in uses from that standpoint. Also you can only imagine what a mess all the wiring would cause with a device such as this!

Source: 80 port USB Hub on Engadget

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How to sync an Ipod with Ubuntu 10.04 using GTKpod and ifuse

Note: This info is pretty old now. Im not entirely confident it still works for everyone. If anyone has any better means of achieving this let me know. Since Ubuntu

This how to should work for most generations of Ipods, iTouch and iPhones barr the iPhone 4 and all versions of Ubuntu including Xubuntu, Kubuntu and Linux Mint

If you don't have GTKpod installed do:
$ sudo apt-get install GTKpod

You will need to manually mount the device to /mnt/ipod using ifuse.
If you don't have ifuse installed do:
$ sudo apt-get install ifuse

$ sudo mkdir /mnt/ipod
$ sudo chmod 777 /mnt/ipod

Ok, now if you want to use your iPhone with GTKpod you will need to mount and umount it manually everytime.
To mount (the just launch GTKpod and let it read the device):
$ ifuse /mnt/ipod 

Make sure you unmount inside GTKpod when you're done and then issue this command:
$ fusermount -u /mnt/ipod 

More information can be found on the Ubuntu Help documentation here


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