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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How to sync an Ipod with Ubuntu 10.04 using GTKpod and ifuse

Note: This info is pretty old now. Im not entirely confident it still works for everyone. If anyone has any better means of achieving this let me know. Since Ubuntu

This how to should work for most generations of Ipods, iTouch and iPhones barr the iPhone 4 and all versions of Ubuntu including Xubuntu, Kubuntu and Linux Mint

If you don't have GTKpod installed do:
$ sudo apt-get install GTKpod

You will need to manually mount the device to /mnt/ipod using ifuse.
If you don't have ifuse installed do:
$ sudo apt-get install ifuse

$ sudo mkdir /mnt/ipod
$ sudo chmod 777 /mnt/ipod

Ok, now if you want to use your iPhone with GTKpod you will need to mount and umount it manually everytime.
To mount (the just launch GTKpod and let it read the device):
$ ifuse /mnt/ipod 

Make sure you unmount inside GTKpod when you're done and then issue this command:
$ fusermount -u /mnt/ipod 

More information can be found on the Ubuntu Help documentation here


Chuck said...

As a new Linux user, I've been looking for this for weeks. With your instructions, I finally mounted my ipod. Now for the next part of the learning curve.

Matt said...

No worries mate glad I could help

Anonymous said...

Great tip on how to mount the ipod, but I'm looking for information on how to use GTKpod's sync features. I don't see that anywhere but the title?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip. Works well with Ubuntu 10.04 and Ipod Touch G2.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

I was able to use Rhythmbox to transfer audio to my iPod touch... but not videos. Now that gtkpod works, I can transfer video! Sweeet... Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Just worked fine on an older 1gen ipod touch with Ubuntu 10.04. thanks!

Ryan Lawrence said...

I am Linux user and also have an iPod touch. I faced lot of problems in syncing my iPod with my PC but now I am able to sync my iPod easily following your instructions. Thanks a lot dear.


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