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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Netspace DNS Down

Australian ISP Netspace has hit trouble again today with its core DNS servers down for the majority of the day and a resolution still not in sight. Many people have expressed their anger on Australia's leading Broadband forum, Whirlpool.net.au. More than 350 posts have been made in the thread here this afternoon after many have resorted to using other public DNS servers such as Google's and OpenDNS.

This fault comes just days after many customers in Tasmania were left without connections for days on end.

For a list of Australian DNS servers check out Sam Kendall's blog at http://blog.samkendall.net/2010/03/18/australian-isp-dns-servers/

EDIT: As Allen Wayne, has commented below, Netspace's DNS have indeed come back online.


Anonymous said...

Sad... I like Netspace speed and the Price. Hope they will fix it immediately.

I thought it was my ADSL Router fault tonight and keep on repairing till i came to your site. hahahaaaa

Thanks Dude for your update!!

Allen Wayne said...

i am one of their customers.
in my opinion, netspace is much better than dodo. and price is much cheaper than telstra, optus.
and i like it.
this kind of thing ( DNS server down) is very normal to any ISP.
so, just be patient.
now, 11pm, 2 june 2010, it's back.

Matt said...

Thanks for the update Allen

I too am a Netspace customer and have been happy the majority of the time. They are indeed cheaper than both Optus and Telstra and I do feel they have been providing adequate service to their customers in the past.

However, since the announced merger with iinet it appears a spate of embarrassing issues have arisen and Netspace have seemed reluctant to act in any urgency.

It may just be my imagination but that is the way I see it of late. I do hope they improve and return to the level of support they offered in the past irrespective of the merger.

Peter (Piotr) Nowotnik said...

I used to be a happy Netspace customer for past two years. Last month I upgraded my 100GB down to 10GB due to my needs. I ensured I used my downloads accordingly before my "downgrade" date only to receive an email I exceeded my quota for 30GB (!). Frankly, my usage meter kept showing remaining 10GB for new plan before shaping. For past 30 days I'm on dialup speed with numerous calls to their helpdesk trying to find the answer as why I was charged for 100GB plan if my downloads were already cut down. Being sick of their lack of response, I cancelled their service to move to TPG. Sad part is that almost 10 days after cancellation I had no single call from their sales asking why. I assume that my two years of being loyal customer doesn't count much.
I'm looking forward to try out my new ISP...


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