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Monday, February 14, 2011

How to add a program / directory to your PATH, Ubuntu /Debian

Every once and a while you need to add a program or directory to your path variable. Adding something to your PATH makes life easier because you dont have to type out the full path to the executable rather you can reference the executable directly ie instead of /usr/bin/ls you can simply run ls (note /usr/bin should already be in your PATH).

Anyway, the means of adding the variable differs but generally the consensus is you should add the directive to your .bashrc file as it applies to both the cli and the gui environment.

You will find your .bashrc file in your home directory. To edit it type
gedit ~/.bashrc
This will open the file in gedit ready for you to edit

Scroll to the bottom of the file and add

PATH=$PATH:/some/path/you/would/like/to/add;export PATH
Save this file. You may need to reopen your terminals or relogin for it to take affect. This will add the "/some/path/you/would/like/to/add" path to your PATH environment variable. Now any binary you have residing in this path will be available directly.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Convore Released!

A new social web tool, Convore, was released yesterday, 9th Feb 2011.

According to their site: "Convore is the best way to communicate with groups in real-time. You can join an existing group or create your own. Then post topics and have conversations with friends about those topics.

Convore is lovingly made in San Francisco by the three Erics: Eric Florenzano (ericflo), Eric Maguire (etmaguire), and Leah Culver (leah)."

Convore is interested in groups and group-based apps, including the communication aspects of this medium. The site is designed with each topic having its own chat room, in a smaller group, for those folks who are interested in specific topics.

How to build an Amazon S3 Client with Oracle Application Express 4.0 White Paper Available

Jason Straub has released a whitepaper detailing how to build an Amazon S3 Client with Oracle Application Express 4.0. Interesting reading and a great resource

Application Express Nuggets: Building an Amazon S3 Client with Application Express 4.0 White Paper Available

louisgray.com: Most Bloggers Don't Deserve Any Ad Revenue

Just reading up on the blogging community as of today and found this interesting article posted in 2008. Seems not much has really changed even in the last 3 years!
louisgray.com: Most Bloggers Don't Deserve Any Ad Revenue: "There are millions of bloggers out there today, screaming for their 'fair' share of the advertising pie. And while Google rakes in cash from vendors by the billions, some smaller bloggers are crying foul at the perceived inequalities. But it's more likely they are getting exactly what they deserve when it comes to ads - pennies. They would be better served to pull the ads off their site altogether and find different ways to make money, because for most, blogging will never get them what they want."

How to create an Alias in Windows Command Shell

Windows cli supports command aliases similar to *nix. Microsoft refers to these aliases as macros.

To alias the string "ls" to the dir command, helpful for most unix admins, use:

doskey ls=dir
The variable $* can be used in an alias to pass all of the arguments entered after the alias.

Chrome OS revisited: 2 months later - Computerworld Blogs

ComputerWorld takes a look at Chrome OS, Google's new Cloud Operating System, two months after release.

Chrome OS revisited: 2 months later - Computerworld Blogs

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Zimbra 7 Released

The latest installment of Zimbra has hit the Web! Zimbra, is a full-featured collaboration suite that supports email, group calendars and document sharing using an Ajax web interface that enables tool tips, drag-and-drop items, and right-click menus in the UI.  Zimbra also provides native two-way sync to many mobile devices.

This latest release, Zimbra 7, is the first major release since 2009 when the company was still owned by Yahoo Inc. According to this ServerWatch.com article

"The VMware Zimbra team worked closely with both Zimbra and VMware customers over the last year to prioritize the Zimbra 7 release," John Robb, senior director of Zimbra products and marketing, VMware (NYSE: VMW) told InternetNews.com "VMware is very supportive of open source, community based development, and Zimbra 7 demonstrates our commitment."

The Zimbra 7 release is the first release since Zimbra 6 came out in September 2009. Zimbra 6 was the last major release of Zimbra under Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO) ownership. Yahoo acquired Zimbra for $350 million in September 2007.

The Zimbra 7 release includes improved file sharing capabilities that enable users to store and share files in the cloud using the Zimbra briefcase. From an administration perspective, the release includes enhanced delegation capabilities to control permissions and access. As well, there are new policies for load balancing and automatic recovery of Zimbra servers.
 Check out the Zimbra Homepage for more info

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Salesforce Acquires DimDim Open Source Web Conferencing

DimDim, a software company that provides a web-based platform for real-time, rich-media collaboration and meetings, was acquired recently by Salesforce.com. Dimdim provides free web conferencing service where users can share desktops, show slides, collaborate, chat, talk and broadcast via webcam.

According to the Salesforce.com announcement, DimDim was acquired for $31 million US on Jan 6th 2011. Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO, salesforce.com proclaimed:
“The acquisition of Dimdim will help salesforce.com deliver to the enterprise the same integrated collaboration and communication experience that made Facebook the world’s most popular Internet site.”
 Read more -  Salesforce.com press release

Two open source forks of the DimDim software base has been started at miDmiD (google code homepage) and DimSim (gitHub)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Last IP4 Address Pool assigned

ZDNet reports:
The online overseers bid adieu to the last 83.9 million addresses needed to bring devices online, marking the occasion as "one [of the] most important days in the history of the internet".

"This is one [of the] most important days in the history of the internet. A pool of more than 4 billion internet addresses has just been emptied this morning," said Rod Beckstrom, chief executive of the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).The internet is wired with a technology called Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4), which comes with 4.3 billion addresses to send data from one computer to another. That's a lot, but it's not enough, so now the move to the vastly more accommodating IPv6 is beginning in earnest.

More info - ZDNet

Dell introduces new Dell Venue, 4.1 Inch Android 2.2 touchscreen smartphone

Dell Venue Dell Venue Shipping February 18 for $499 Unlocked

Hot on the heels of their new 7 inch Streak Tablet, the Dell Venue is now on sale direct from Dell's US Store, unlocked for US$499.99 and shipping on February 18. There are no indications of an Australian release date yet.

The Venue cuts the QWERTY keyboard of its Windows phone cousin, the Venue Pro, but runs Android 2.2, has a 4.1-inch WVGA touchscreen protected with Gorilla Glass, an 8 megapixel camera, 1 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G, and Bluetooth 2.1.

It will be running its own skinned version of Android, known as Stage. Dell is touting this as perfect for entertainment, with streaming radio stations and downloading books and music. It will also come with access to the Android Market, so you can add more options. With Android 2.3 already under development and Dell's history of running older versions of the Android OS, we can only hope they keep this model updated.

More Info at Engadget, ThinkGeek and IntoMobile

Android Developers Blog: New Merchandising and Billing Features on Android Market

Google has added the ability for Android App developers to provide billing options in their applications. This means developers can now offer finer grain payment options such as per use, upgrades and trial-to-full version options.

from Android Developer Blog:
After months of hard work by the Android Market team, I am extremely pleased to announce the arrival of In-app Billing on Android Market. This new service gives developers more ways to monetize their applications through new billing models including try-and-buy, virtual goods, upgrades, and more.
The In-app Billing service manages billing transactions between apps and users, providing a consistent purchasing experience with familiar forms of payment across all apps. At the same time, it gives you full control over how your digital goods are purchased and tracked. You can let Android Market manage and track the purchases for you or you can integrate with your own back-end service to verify and track purchases in the way that's best for your app.

Google adds ability to search and download Android apps from the Desktop

Google announced today the general availability of the Android market for the Web. This means for the first time Android users are not restricted to searching the market from their device. Users are now able to search from an Web enabled machine capable of running a browser and gives the user the ability to tag the application for download to their Android powered device over the air. Note however this does not mean you can use the Android Web market to download Android apps to your desktop nor can they be used on your desktop.

This is a great step forward in market penetration from Google's perspective. Apple have run a similar site that links directly to iTunes for further details. Google's offering on the other hand provides details directly in the browser without the need for extra software.

Android Market on the Web

Starting today, we have extended Android Market client from mobile devices to every desktop. Anyone can now easily find and share applications from their favorite browser. Once users select an application they want, it will automatically be downloaded to their Android-powered devices over-the-air.
Android Market on the Web dramatically expands the discoverability of applications through a rich browsing experience, suggestion-guided searching, deep linking, social sharing, and other merchandising features.
We are releasing the initial version of Android Market on the Web in English and will be extending it to other languages in the weeks ahead.
If you have applications published on Android Market, we encourage you to visit the site and review how they are presented. If you need additional information about what assets you should provide, please visit Android Market Help Center.
You can access Android Market on the Web at:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Which development board to use? A quick review of development boards today

I have been getting into hardware development pretty heavily the last few months. I have been working in partnership with a Satellite systems company developing a SCADA type system for industrial applications like mining and transport. I found this little review of the available development boards from the guys at HackADay.com. Check it out if your keen to learn a little more about hardware development. They cover all the usual suspects including the popular Arduino and BeagleBoards

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Intel announces flaw in recently released Sandy-Bridge Chipsets

In some cases, the Serial-ATA (SATA) ports within the chipsets may degrade over time, potentially impacting the performance or functionality of SATA-linked devices such as hard disk drives and DVD-drives. The chipset is utilized in PCs with Intel's latest Second Generation Intel Core processors, code-named Sandy Bridge. Intel has stopped shipment of the affected support chip from its factories. Intel has corrected the design issue, and has begun manufacturing a new version of the support chip which will resolve the issue. ...

For computer makers and other Intel customers that have bought potentially affected chipsets or systems, Intel will work with its OEM partners to accept the return of the affected chipsets, and plans to support modifications or replacements needed on motherboards or systems. The systems with the affected support chips have only been shipping since January 9th and the company believes that relatively few consumers are impacted by this issue. The only systems sold to an end customer potentially impacted are Second Generation Core i5 and Core i7 quad core based systems. ...

For the first quarter of 2011, Intel expects this issue to reduce revenue by approximately $300 million as the company discontinues production of the current version of the chipset and begins manufacturing the new version. Full-year revenue is not expected to be materially affected by the issue. Total cost to repair and replace affected materials and systems in the market is estimated to be $700 million.

Coverage on Anandtech, Tech Report and PC Perspective. 

Panasonic FT3 | PhotographyBLOG

I want check this out when it comes out...

Looks like a half decent camera.
The Panasonic DMC-FT3 is a new rugged digital compact camera. The 12.1 megapixel FT3 (also known as the Panasonic TS3) is waterproof to 12m, shockproof to 2m, freezeproof to -10 degrees C and dustproof. The FT3 also has a 4.6, 28mm wide-angle zoom lens, 1920 x 1080 full-HD movie recording, 3D photo Mode, GPS functionality, a compass, altimeter and even a barometer. The price and availability of the Panasonic DMC-FT3 are still to be announced. Panasonic FT3 | PhotographyBLOG


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